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5 Reasons Why You Need Instagram’s New Mute Feature

Here are few of the reasons we feel you might need this 'MUTE' feature for. Have a look!

Many of us use Instagram every single day. While Instagram is just one app, the purpose is different from person to person, be it using it to connect with your fans, or just sharing those amazing photos & videos, or messaging people you find attractive for dating/friendship purpose, selling your products, or maybe anything else. The list is endless.

While all of us are loving Instagram for all those reasons, a lot of Instagram users were certainly irritated with unwanted posts in their feed. The World of Instagram found extreme happiness when Instagram recently announced the feature of muting the users. This ‘MUTE’ feature comes with the awesomeness of muting any specific user’s posts to show in your feed without unfollowing the user. How amazing! Isn’t it?

Here are few of the reasons we feel you might need this ‘MUTE’ feature for. Have a look!

  1. You have just broken up, or maybe have been rejected by that girl or boy you liked. Unfollowing him/her might make him/her feel bad, hence muting is the best option. At least, you won’t get to see his/her posts and get emotional again (wink)
  2. You can mute those annoying friends, who post 10s of photos as 10s of posts in a day. In place of having those photos bombard your Instagram feed, you can just mute them and check their profile later at your own convenience. Makes sense?
  3. You can mute those people, who makes you jealous or feel bad. This maybe the fellow Fashion Blogger you hate, but cannot unfollow because you want to be good on the face, haha.
  4. If you follow those users, no one else is supposed to know about. I am clearly pointing at those sexy users you follow, you probably feel crazy watching. I am pretty sure you won’t want your parents to know about those profiles, isn’t it? Muting is an easy option because you are anyways not going to forget that username (giggles)
  5. If you are interested to customise your feed, muting feature is the best option. While you might be following 1000 users, but you may actually be interested to stay updated on posts from only 50 users. Just mute 950 of them and it’s done. I know it’s a tedious work, but you don’t need to do it all at a time. Take your time.

These are 5 reasons you can certainly use New Instagram ‘Mute’ Feature. If at all your have any other reasons to add to this, please share in the comments section below. And if at all you are an Instagram lover, do have a look at my Instagram profile – AKHIL KHATRI

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