32 Places You Must Visit This Monsoon (India Edition)

Here's sharing 32 amazing places you must visit this monsoon. Pack your bags.

If you landed on this article, you certainly love the monsoon. I love monsoon too. I am sure that you already started thinking about that hot cup of coffee/tea, sitting with your loved one at the balcony watching the Rain Gods pouring the love, that lovely plate of Pakodas, smell of the sweet sand….don’t stop, keep thinking. And while you’re planning, make sure you pack all the required things for your next trip being all drenched.

Considering the fact that India is always having tonnes of options for the places to visit, I decided to be of a tiny help to you in helping you choose your next destination for this monsoon season, in no particular preference order. Are you ready? Oh wait! If you are not following me on Instagram, you are certainly missing some fun. I share some fantastic travel posts there, which might be of help to you. Enough! Let’s go!


Coz why not! If you are one of those who have always considered Goa has a perfect travel destination for New Year’s Party, or maybe January till March, then I am going to prove you wrong. The rains in Goa is just next level. It pours heavily, but stops in 10-15 minutes usually. This gorgeous place turns even more gorgeous with the wet roads, extra saturated green everywhere, better sea waves. If you would like something very less commercial, please choose South Goa over North Goa. Thank me later!



I just came back from Coorg last night. It was a beautiful road trip, which was actually unplanned. After being here for more than 5 times, I can certainly recommend this place to you for the monsoons. The city has amazing spots, good food, lovely people, great home stay options, and filter coffee. Based on personal experience, I would be happy to recommend Avaasa Holiday Homes as a good option for your home stay there.



If you are someone who’s living in Mumbai or Pune, I am pretty sure that Lonavala is your go-to place for each monsoon. The place needs no introduction. It’s known for it’s beautiful green landscapes, serene waterfalls, strawberries, and pleasant climate.



Oh man! Shillong is just beautiful during the rainy season. It is one of the cities, which receives very heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, but it’s still just gorgeous. You see the beautiful Jayanti and Khasi hills surrounding the city, which makes every angle of the city the best view ever.



My personal favourite from the entire list. Sorry for being biased, but I actually am in true love with Gangtok. I have beautiful memories attached to this place. Hey wait! It’s not a love story or something, haha. Let me share. I have been to Gangtok twice during heavy rainy season. I stayed at Gangtok for 6+ days both the times and secluded myself from the busy world. I love the food here, people are extra helpful, they always smile, the things to shop are overly cute and perfectly price, there are many spots for you to enjoy, and I can just go on and on and on, trust me. And by the way, it’s still in India (wink)



Hey Kerala! Wayanad is certainly considered as one of the best hill stations in South India. There are definitely reasons for that. You shall know it only after you experience it.



Mount Abu is pretty close to Udaipur. If you plan to come here, do include Udaipur in your itinerary. You can experience perfect serenity, calmness & spirituality at Mount Abu. All this with a blend of the world-famous Rajasthani hospitality.



Heard of the name in your General Knowledge books? Get out of the books and come witness the place yourself. You need to seriously love monsoon season to come here. You know the obvious reason, isn’t it? Beautiful landscapes, the perfect monsoon mountain treks, fantastic blend of Flora & Fauna, heart-warming locals, the food, that is what Cherrapunjee is made out of. Love it already?


While I really really want to keep writing here, I will have to hold the horses and end the list here. But hey! I have some bonus recommendations. A lot, actually! Please add your recommendations in the comments section below.

Kodaikanal, Munnar, Chittaurgarh, Spiti Valley, Ladakh, Shimla, Alibagh, Kutch, Omkareshwara, Ranikhet, Ajmer, Pushkar, Darjeeling, Tawang, Pondicherry, Gokarna, Andaman Islands, Ooty, Mahabaleshwar, Mahabalipuram, Agumbe, Mandu, Pahalgam, Kumarakom.


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