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Everything You Need to Know About IGTV

An easy way to share photos and memories with friends, it has many features one of which is IGTV or Instagram TV.

The 21st century brought forth a storm that thunders it way into the hearts and lives of all humans with its pouring technological advancements and advent of newer and newer social media platforms to ease connectivity in the world.


Social media platforms always take our minds to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and so on. Almost all of us hold accounts in these platforms but there is a high chance that very few of us know the complete mechanisms in which these platforms operate. With  new updates and newer features being added to these platforms on a regular basis, at times it becomes difficult to keep pace with all the new knowledge and dynamics of these platforms.

Instagram, the brainchild of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, is a photo and video sharing online platform born in October, 2010 exclusively for iOS. The app graced Android two years after the initial launch. The app allows people to upload pictures and videos with a variety of filters that can be viewed by the general public or some pre-approved followers.

An easy way to share photos and memories with friends, it has many features one of which is IGTV or Instagram TV. It is a new stand-alone vertical video application launched in June 2018 for video uploads with a maximum size of 10 minutes or for some customers, 60 minutes as opposed to the initial 30 seconds video uploads offered by Instagram. With a pre-registered Instagram account and the IGTV app installed, one has to simply open the app and click on the top right orange TV icon. This allows videos to be played of people that we follow.

IGTV is definitely an advancement in the field of video sharing with longer video lengths and ease of access. With a simple interface and great connectivity, it is definitely an app that deserves to be installed.



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