Fujifilm XF10 Announced! | Here’s Everything You Must Know About It

Fujifilm XF10 comes with an 18.5mm f/2.8 lens and an APS-C sensor that offers a much higher resolution than the XF70.

A successor to the XF70 of 2016, Fujifilm has now announced the XF10, a 24 mega pixels fixed-lens compact camera. Like its predecessor, it comes with an 18.5mm f/2.8 lens and an APS-C sensor that offers a much higher resolution than the XF70. The ISO range on the XF10 is from 200 to 12,800, expandable from ISO 100 100 to 51,200. The XF10 offers various filters and a digital zoom that allows users to shoot at 35mm and 50mm equivalent levels, among its many new features. Weighing at just 280 grams, it is a compact and lightweight 1080p 60fps camera launched by Fujifilm with a 3 inch touch screen display that shoots 4K videos but at 15 frames per second.  

The Fujifilm XF10 wants to be your Instagram best friend

Images Source – Slash Gear

Although the XF10 comes as an upgrade to the previous XF70, it lacks many features and qualities that were earlier present in the XF70. Features like flash hotshoe, tilt screen and aperture ring have been left out with the older XF70 model. A completely different control scheme – the XF10, rather than using dedicated controls for each exposure, comes with a PASM dial and focuses mainly on touch screen operations by removing the rear D-pad.

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For Instagram lovers, Fujifilm has also introduced the new ‘square mode’ on the XF10 that allows users to switch to a 1:1 aspect ratio for Instagram shots which can then be transferred to smart phones as the XF10 offers a Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy Support.

The XF10 is likely to go lenient on your expenses as it comes at a cheaper price in comparison to other premium compact cameras. Ready to be launched in August in a sleek black or a dazzling champagne gold paint, it is expected to cost $500 in the United States and $650 in Canada.

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