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The Millionaires of Instagram from 2018 | Top Instagram Influencers and their Price

Kylie Jenner tops the list with a hefty earning of  1 million dollars per post.

Social media in today’s day and age plays a major role in influencing millions of users everyday – whether we want to accept it or not. The flashy and showy world of social media presence and popularity might make you feel jealous and wonder what it is that makes them so special and distinguished from you. Well, despite these grievances, you have to make peace with the fact that social media influencing is here to stay for a long time. To give a rough idea about how top Instagram accounts are helping in the influencing trend, we look over to the 2018 Instagram Rich List released by Hopper HQ, an Instagram scheduling app.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 12.50.36 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-06 at 12.50.55 PM

A living testament to the fact that social media influencing involves a lot of monetary transactions is Kylie Jenner who tops the list with a hefty earning of  1 million dollars per post. She is followed by Selena Gomez at $800,000 per post and Cristiano Ronaldo at $750,000 per post in third position. Kim Kardashian owns the fourth position with an earning of $750,000 per post and Beyonce Knowles at $700,000 per post in the fifth position.

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Hopper HQ uses a combination of internal and public data to measure the potential amount of money a celebrity can make from a certain post, based on the audience and their preferences and how much the brand that is being endorsed is willing to pay. To help the readers under the process more clearly, consider the example of Selena Gomez who has much more followers than Kylie Jenner but gets paid less due to lesser potential on comparison.

“I’m not surprised that Kylie Jenner has topped this year’s list, as far as social media marketing goes, she has it down to a tee,” Mike Bandar, co-founder of told Mirror. “Kylie was introduced to the public through her family’s reality show, but she has forged her own billion-dollar career and harnessed the power of Instagram to build a global, loyal, engaged following that brands are willing to pay top dollar for!”

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