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All New Features In Social Media To Look Out For Before 2018 Ends

Social media – it’s a platform that is known to all and sundry. We all use it in the form of various apps every day. However, to provide a better experience for the users and to make connectivity easier, developers keep on innovating new features and updates constantly that can at times be hard to keep track of. So, although many may already know, this article will help the rest to know and utilize all the new features of the social media apps in 2018.

1. ‘Watch’ by Facebook

This feature allows the users the option to see what type of videos their friends are watching and what their interests are. This might help you bond more closely with your friends. However, this feature is not yet available throughout the world. So if you can’t find this feature, there is nothing to freak out about and the feature is soon coming to you.

2. ‘Free Sound Collection’ by Facebook

There may have been times when you just wanted to add background music to your social media videos but couldn’t, owing to copyright issues. Responding to your disappointment, Facebook has developed its Free Sound Collection feature that allows the users to use royalty-free music to add them to their social media videos.

3. “Stories Highlight” by Instagram

Earlier, users could upload stories with their pictures and short videos only for 24hours after which these stories used to disappear entirely from the platform. However, with this new feature introduced by Instagram, the users can now save and showcase their most favorite stories in their profiles for all to see at any given time.

4. Live Broadcast in split screen by Instagram

InstagramLive, already a fun feature for its users, has increased its fun quotient by introducing the split screen feature in the live broadcast. Now, the users can invite their friends to their live broadcast to serve as guests in it.

5. ‘280 Character Story’ by Twitter

With a 140 character limit, storytelling was rather restricted to the twitter users. But now, with the new increased 280 character feature for all Twitter users all over the world, users can let their imaginations run wild and develop creative content to tweet.

6. ‘LinkedIn video’ by LinkedIn

This long-awaited feature amongst the users has been finally brought forth to the platform that now allows LinkedIn users to create and share creative videos with the community.

7. ‘Career Advice’ by LinkedIn

This feature allows all the users to easily connect with professionals for career advice and experience in the LinkedIn community.

8. ‘Stories in Groups’ by Facebook

This feature now allows all Facebook users to create exclusive stories for their own groups and pages without making it a general story on the user’s profile.

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